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From "h d" <>
Subject Problem with vsspath in vssget task
Date Thu, 11 Jul 2002 22:09:38 GMT
 To All,          I am attempting to use ANT 1.4.1 with Visual SourceSafe 6.0 for the first
time. Within SourceSafe I have created a project, let's call it "Proj1". Directly through
the SourceSafe GUI, I am able to extract all of the code from the directory to a local directory.
Unfortunately, if I attempt the same functionality through ANT, I get an error stating that
"Proj1" does not exist. The ANT variable, vsspath is used to set the project.           The
following is an example:             &lt;vssget                localPath="&lt;aLocalDir&gt;"
               login="&lt;validUsername, validPassword&gt;"                recursive="true"
               vsspath="/Proj1"                ssdir="&lt;C:/theStandardVssLocation/VSS/win32"
               writable="true" /&gt;            Unfortunately, I always get an error stating
that the build has failed because $/Proj1 is not an existing filename or project.        
   I am lost because this project does exist in sourcesafe???            I would appreciate
any help. Thanks, HD

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