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From Rick Berman <>
Subject Filtering and FilterChain/ExpandProperties
Date Thu, 11 Jul 2002 00:00:18 GMT
Hi all,

I'm interested in using ${...} property references in
a filter file such that the filter file can supply a
${...} string in the token replcement process and then
the ${...} gets replaced with the value of the
property.  It looks like I can't quite get there from

My first attempt was as follows:
  <copy file="file1" tofile="file2">
      <filtersfile file="filters"/>

However, the ExpandProperties substitutions occur
before the filtering token replacement so I end up
with ${...} in my file2.

It seems that the FilterChain way to do this would be
1) extend the ReplaceTokens FilterChain to have a
filtersfile option
2) put the ReplaceTokens filter in the chain before
3) stop using the <filterset>

Is there something else I should be considering? 
Particularly something that is already supported?  If
not, I'll have a whack at extending the ReplaceTokens
FilterReader or look for something else to extend.


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