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From Gabriel Pack <>
Subject Resin on Mac OS X
Date Sat, 06 Jul 2002 22:44:13 GMT
I would like to have Ant start Resin as part of a
deployment process.

Previously, I was developing on Windows 2000. I had
Resin set up as an NT service. I used the exec task to
issue a "net start" command, and everything worked
fine. I've moved over to Mac OS X now, and the command
to start Resin as a daemon process is "httpd start".
When I issue this from a shell prompt, Resin spawns in
the background with no problems. If I try to exec the
command from within Ant, Resin starts; but it hangs
Ant, as if Resin isn't starting in the background. I
even tried exec on "httpd &", but Ant says that "&" is

My software versions are Ant 1.4.1, JVM 1.3.1, Mac OS
X 10.1.5, and Resin 2.1.1.

Any insights would be appreciated.

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