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From "Denis McCarthy" <>
Subject problem with ant ftp task.
Date Tue, 09 Jul 2002 13:54:11 GMT
I'm using ant to deploy my code to a development version of weblogic on a
remote unix box.
Ant was ftp-ing over my entire codebase each time I did a deploy (it wasn't
checking if the version on the unix box was the
same as the one on my own machine before ftp-ing). As this was taking a long
time for each upload, I now mirror the last ftp'd files in a local
directory, and I wrote a task that does a diff between this directory any my
local development directory and puts the file names that are different into
a temporary file. I then ftp over only those files that appear in this
temporary file. However, I have noticed some strange behaviour from the ftp
task. It does not ftp over all the files that appear in the temp file. It
seems to ignore some classes (they all seem to be inner classes), althought
it does ftp over the majority. Has anyone seen this behaviour before, and if
so, is there a cure? Here is the relevant task.

    <target name="expandedDeploy" depends="getChangedFiles">
        <ftp server="${REMOTE_SERVER}"
            <fileset dir="${TEMP_DIR}">
                <patternset id="new.files">
                    <includesfile name="${TEMP_DIR}/newFiles.tmp"/>
Denis McCarthy

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