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From "Erik Hatcher" <>
Subject Re: ANT on Mac OS X
Date Tue, 09 Jul 2002 01:12:09 GMT
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From: "Scott Ellsworth" <>

> I certainly could, I suspect.  At this point, I have a task that extends
> "Java", and thus I already have some of the machinery in place.  Can I
> load that with a taskdef, or must it go in ant/lib?

A BuildLogger or BuildListener needs to be in your system classpath, which
when running with the wrapper scripts, includes all of ANT_HOME/lib.

> I have a question about the classpath.  Are the ant and optional jars in
> the compiler classpath when things are set up in the out of the box
> fashion?

Yes (unfortunately).  But I like to explicitly say includeAntRuntime="false"
unless I'm building an Ant task or another Ant piece like a logger/listener.

>  If I understand things properly, the ant classes are not in
> the classpath by default, so if I wish to compile a new logger, or a new
> task, I have to have ant.jar in a known spot on the classpath.  Our
> build system is explicitly not allowed to know the location of the build
> tools, so to compile an ANT task or logger, I have to put a copy of ANT
> jar in our "third party libraries to be compiled against".

So, your current version of Ant JAR files are in the classpath by default
with <javac>.

> As an alternative - how hard would it be for the official distribution
> to have an interfaces.jar containing only those types and interfaces
> that people are to be extending, and thus less likely to change over
> time?

I don't think there are any worries here.  You can use includeAntRuntime to
control it.

By the way, my Titanium Mac OS X PowerBook (the old wimpy 667 model :)
should arrive any day now.  I'll be hitting you up for some help soon,
probably! :))


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