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From "Steve Loughran" <>
Subject Re: User contribution - Ant tasks for JMX
Date Sun, 21 Jul 2002 23:34:48 GMT

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Sent: Friday, July 19, 2002 15:00
Subject: User contribution - Ant tasks for JMX

> Hello;
> I've written a set of Ant tasks that allow JMX MBeans to be accessed from
> Ant build script.
> Here's a summary of the tasks and their functions:
> - configureMBean : get/set MBean properties
> - invokeMBean : invoke an MBean operation
> - copyMBean : copies all the properties of an MBean to a new MBean of the
> same type
> - removeMBean : unregisters an MBean from the MBeanServer
> - createMBean : creates a new MBean
> - showMBean : writes information about the MBean to the Ant log
> The current implementation supports BEA WLS 6.x/7.x. Support for JBoss
> platform, JSR77 standard, and other JMX implementations is underway.
> I am intending to submit these tasks to the Open Source community. But,
> before I do so, I'm interested in soliciting some feedback/information.
> 1. Does anyone know of a similar set of tasks that let Ant integrate with
> JMX? I wrote these tasks because (surprisingly) I couldn't find anything
> that would let me integrate with JMX from Ant (believe me, I searched).


> 2. Is there a general interest in this kind of capability? My motivation
> to provide tools for J2EE resource creation and management from Ant that I
> use to build/deploy application. (e.g. create my JDBC pool before I deploy
> my entity beans...), but the tasks are general enough for much broader


> 3. As far as Open Source goes, should I start a seperate Open Source
> or submit directly to the Apache Ant group? (who do I contact for this).

the ant-dev mail list is the place; see the task guidelines in your ant docs
for further details.

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