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From "Stefano Mancarella" <>
Subject Jar update not working in Ant 1.5
Date Tue, 23 Jul 2002 08:10:33 GMT
Someone has already pointed out this, but I've seen no answers (or perhaps
I've missed them)...

It seems that jar updating doesn't work correctly under Ant 1.5 (or at least
it does not work as it did in Ant 1.4.1).
I've prepared a small test case which shows the problem:

<project name="Jar Test Case" basedir="." default="jar">
    <target name="jar" description="Jar Test Case">
        <jar basedir="." jarfile="test.jar" includes="build.xml"/>
        <jar basedir="." jarfile="test.jar" includes="test.txt"

Under Ant 1.4.1 the "test.txt" is added to the jar, while under Ant 1.5 it
is skipped because the jar is supposed to be up to date. Why?

Sorry if this has already been answered.


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