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From "David Morris" <>
Subject Re: 1.5beta2 - new problem with FTP task
Date Tue, 11 Jun 2002 15:00:56 GMT

I noticed this while testing FTP on my system and it does appear 
to be a new bug. Stepping through the code in debug it looks like 
it is throwing an error when the create directory task fails on an 
expected error. I patched my version to set the 
ignoreNoncriticalError flag to true before running the
 handleMkDirFailure. It appears to fix the problem. 
If this hasn't already been fixed by someone else I 
could forward a patch.

David Morris

>>> 06/11/02 05:41AM >>>
  I've been using the FTP task with Ant 1.4 and latterly Ant 1.5b1 to 
upload my website. It's a useful tool, uploading only the changes, 
although it's rather slow.

I got Ant1.5b2 and then the FTP task stopped working. It failed when it

came to a directory that already exists, because it couldn't create the

directory (humph!). Here's an excerpt from by buildfile:

  <target name="ftp-sync-txt"
          description="=== Synchronise Website Text Files ===">

    <ftp server="${ftp.server}"
       <fileset dir="${root.dir}">
         <patternset refid="text.files"/>
      <success source="${good.wav}" />
      <fail    source="${bad.wav}" />

Is this a new bug in Ant1.5b2?

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