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From "Rum Pel" <>
Subject Re: GNU Java compiler
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2002 05:48:32 GMT

> > gcj doesnt seem to compile sources recursively (ie., compiling the
> > source dependancies). javac does. I couldnt find any option to gcj
> > for this behaviour, does anybody know how to do this?
> If I understand your question correctly, you may want to look at the
> (optional) <depend> task.

It is not about deleting outdated classes, but compiling all those outdated
classes at one go. Note that we do not specify all those outdated classes
explicitly, javac picks them up automatically for compilation. gcj doesnt.

I have three classes A, B, C and D. A depends on B and C. Running A creates
a new source E, on which D depends. So my build.xml is

<javac src="" ... /> # this compiles A, B and C.
<java classname="A" .. /> # this creates D.
<javac src="*.java" .. />

With gcj, the first javac doesnt compile B and C and so the java task fails.
I can specify all the necessary sources in the first javac, but as the
number of
classes is large - I am looking for a better way of doing this, if it


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