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From "Patrick Burleson" <>
Subject Trying to get ejbc task to recompile beans that are out of date
Date Sun, 23 Jun 2002 18:34:01 GMT
First off my environment:

Weblogic 4.5.1
Ant 1.5-beta2

Now my problem:

I am having a problem getting the ejbc task to recognize when my EJBs
interfaces have changed and thus need to have their stubs recreated. I am
pretty sure the problem stems from how we identify our interfaces. Here is
an example: ( Is the remote interface class. Implements the Business Interface
Class below ) (Is the implementation of the Bean. Implements the Business
Interface Class below) (This is the listing of the methods exposed on the
remote interface. Again just an interface class.) (The Home Interface) (The Entity bean PK)

Now, in my mind, if changes, then the stubs need
to be recreated. But, after looking at the code to the ejbc task, I noticed
that it is just checking the timestamp of the class which actually
doesn't change because it never actually changes. Just the class does. I unfortunatly can't change this to
where is the interface that also contains the method definitions
because of some legacy things.

I am looking at the depend task and I am thinking this might be my ticket.
But I am not sure. The whole reason I am looking into ant is to get us away
from our horribly inefficient build scripts that just generate the stubs
anyway, no matter if they need it or not. (As you can imagine, this takes
considerable time). Ant has almost allowed me to replace the build system
with it, except for this one remaining thing.

Thanks in advance,

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