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From Marc Logemann <>
Subject Re: parsing a task output for further processing
Date Wed, 12 Jun 2002 15:36:21 GMT
> If you're running Ant1.5, and assuming <tclist> has an option to write its
> output to a file (which, if it doesn't, would definitely be bad, but I
> suppose you could work around it in the meantime by bracketing your
> <tclist> in a <record>):

>   <property name="app" value="maxbahr"/>

>   <target name="stopApp" depends="chkAppStatus" if="app.running">
>     <echo>Stopping ${app}...</echo>
>     <tcstop  url="${catalina.url}" username="${catalina.username}"
>              password="${catalina.password}" path="/${app}"/>
>   </target>

>   <target name="chkAppStatus">
>     <loadfile property="app.running" srcFile="tclist.out">
>       <filterchain>
>         <linecontains>
>           <contains value="/${app}:running"/>
>         </linecontains>
>       </filterchain>
>     </loadfile>
>   </target>

Diane, thx for this great solution. It seems i ve missed some important commands
in Ant like <loadfile> or <filterchain>.

Cause tclist cant output to file (IMO) i will also look up your mentioned <record>

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