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From "Scot Mcphee" <>
Subject RE: Need help running Ant under cygwin on Win2k
Date Mon, 17 Jun 2002 05:40:00 GMT

> I have had good experiences running Java and Ant and Junit under
> Cygwin on a W2K box that I am forced to have in my cube and I'll
> try to find time someday to write up the steps that I took.


I use Ant under Cygwin with IBM 1.3 JDK on a Win2000 machine and it almost
worked "right out of the box" for me. The only thing I had to do to make it
work was fire up the Cygwin installer and get it to install CVS so that Ant
could use it.

However I am not doing much more complex with it than sucking out the
codebase from the CVS repository, compiling it, and making up an EAR file
for deployment to the testing environment.  Also within the context of this
discussion, we don't use the system classpath as there is a support project
(also managed by CVS) which contains the neccessary jars, which we reference
as a path inside Ant itself. But my experience of the Ant + Cygwin
combination is nothing but positive.


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