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From Tim Walker <>
Subject RE: Delete and File Properties
Date Thu, 13 Jun 2002 19:42:07 GMT
Thanks Erik, 

>>Why do you think setFile would be called?  
>>setXXX are for XML attributes, so
>>it would be called if you had:
>><attribDelete file="...."/>
>>But to support nested filesets, use void addFileset(FileSet set).
>>> public class attribDelete extends Task implements {
>>Why are you implementing TaskContainer?  
>>I'd recommend removing that, unless
>>you have something specific in mind for it.
Hmmm...thanks...a better question, I guess, is...

Is the documentation:

Acceptable for something as fundamental as this ? Trying to implement a task based solely
on this
documentation led me to these assumptions. I'll have to track down a good reference. Any come
to mind ? 


Tim Walker
Senior Software Engineer
Freshwater Software
303-443-2266 ex. 6505
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