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From Mark Womack <>
Subject <copy> task always copies some files
Date Thu, 20 Jun 2002 18:47:32 GMT
I am using <copy> to copy some files.  It is set up to use
preservelastmodified and a fileset, something like this:

        <copy todir="${webapp.copy_dir}"
            <fileset dir=".">
                <include name="WEB-INF/**"/>
                <include name="config.xml"/>

My problem is that after I have copied the set of files once and perform the
copy again, the <copy> task recopies some of the files, even though none of
the files have changed.  And not all of them get recopied, just some.  I am
at a loss to see anything different about the files that are getting
recopied, but it appears to be a consistent set.

Anyone have any ideas?  Something I can look at?


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