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From "Rich Steele" <>
Subject Getting Ant properties into FilterSet
Date Tue, 11 Jun 2002 14:49:28 GMT

I'd like an easy way to get all of my ant properties into a filter set.
In other words, instead of defining a filterset like this:

   <filter token="foo" value="${foo}"/>
   <filter token="bar" value="${bar}"/>

I'd like to define it as:


I've worked around this somewhat by using the new <echoproperties> task,

<echoproperties destfile="${build.dir}/"/>
   <filtersfile file="${build.dir}/"/>

but I'd like to do this without resorting to saving the properties to a

Along similar lines, is it possible to define a filterset once and refer
to it by ID?  For example,

<filterset id="">


<copy filtersetid="" ...>

The reason this would be useful is because I copy several files during
my build/deploy process, and keeping each filterset up to date with the
various properties is becoming tedious.


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