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From "Chris Bailey" <>
Subject RE: Need help running Ant under cygwin on Win2k
Date Tue, 18 Jun 2002 15:24:02 GMT
Putting it in the path is not really acceptable.  It's a script that is
specific to our build environment (it's a compiler we wrote), so IMHO, it
has no business being on the general path environment variable.  Plus, as
soon as I require it to be on the path, that's just one more thing folks
would have to set up and have right, as opposed to simply being able to
check the whole thing out from CVS and just do "ant" and get it to build.

Another consideration was to define something like a $PROJECT_HOME
environment variable, and then use the "value" attribute with property
definition (instead of "location"), and prefix everything with
$PROEJCT_HOME.  The only problem with this is that we might have multiple
sandboxes for the project (say to work on various branches or for testing or
whatever), and then I'd have to constantly update my $PROJECT_HOME to make
it work right.

Heh, all this so some poor guy can build on a Windows box ;)

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From: Diane Holt []
Sent: Tuesday, June 18, 2002 8:00 AM
To: Ant Users List
Subject: RE: Need help running Ant under cygwin on Win2k

--- Chris Bailey <> wrote:
> At this point, it seems fairly painful for me to run Ant under Cygwin.

I don't find it painful at all. I've been doing it for over a year -- it's
what I create all my brilliant solutions to ant-user on :)

After I sent that mail last night, it occurred to me that you weren't
setting a property you were going to pass as an arg to your script, but
rather you were pointing to your perl script itself with the property.
That, you don't need to do at all -- just make sure where it lives is
included in your PATH (or try passing it in an <env> -- I don't have time
this morning to experiment).



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