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Subject Deployment/Development Question..
Date Fri, 07 Jun 2002 19:02:37 GMT

Please forgive me for the beginner question.   I am starting a new project that
will have a Web app(Struts) and EJB's.  I have read many "Best practices" in
this list but I still have  a couple (probably obvious) questions.
I am also working through "Java Tools for Extreme Programming".  I like this
book but the am unclear on some basic development Issues.

1 - I understand the basic process of setting up a usable working directory that
will allow Ant to deploy to test/production environments.
but how does CVS or VisualSourceSafe fit in to the automated process?
can it be that ant will:
Create and/or update the working directory - THEN proceed to build the project
to the target machine?

2 - Ant build's during the coding process:
     I think I would NOT want Ant to do a complete rebuild each time I make
small code change to JSP or class.
     So I think this is how I would like it work.
     There would be a separate Ant script (besides the build/deploy ) that would
perform a checkout directly to the developers machine and assemble
     a "development" web app structure that would allow the developer to run
project from the local machine.
     They then can change the JSP and compile the classes as needed.
     Then at the end of the day, check the code back in.

     ** I guess this is where Forte4J/Netbeans  Ant support would come in handy,
where the developer code run this from the IDE

3 - I see that VisualSourceSafe is supported by an ant task.    Are there any
issues with it?

Sorry again for the basic questions.

Thank for any help.

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