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From "Brown, Michael" <>
Subject RE: XSLT issue with sending a parameter through javascript....
Date Mon, 03 Jun 2002 04:48:02 GMT
Sorry Diane.  I am making this a little confusing. 

I do want to send in the value of jde.osrunning.  If I try:

<param name="platform" expression="${jde.osrunning}"/>

it sends in a blank.  Which is what I am getting when I do anything inside
my javascript.  I see the value of expression, but it sends in a blank to
the XSLT.  The only time it does work in the [style] task is the way you saw
it below.

The only way in the script to set this value is to call the method:

or something similar.  

I do see that the values I get when this works and with my added code to

    [style] Just before for loop
    [style] I am in the for loop
    [style] name is platform value is 'onWindows' 
I need to do the same in javascript?  Haven't been able to get this to work
Any hints??????

Hope this explains the confusion.

Mike B.

-----Original Message-----
From: Diane Holt []
Sent: Sunday, June 02, 2002 10:22 PM
To: Ant Users List
Subject: RE: XSLT issue with sending a parameter through javascript....

--- "Brown, Michael" <> wrote:
> At any rate, here is the working section of xml you saw before:
> 	<style basedir="." destdir="." 
> 	  			extension=".xml" 
> 	  			style="retrieval.xsl" 
> 	  			in="OWSystem_Paths.xml"
> 	  			out="retrieval.xml" 
> 	  			processor="xalan">
> 	  	<param name="platform" expression="'${jde.osrunning}'"/>
> 	 </style>
> The key is expression="'${jde.osrunning}'".  Notice the single quotes. 
> This is what is not happening within my javascript.

I'm not sure I understand now what it is you want to happen -- are you
trying to literally pass in '${jde.osrunning}', and you can't seem to make
that happen from your <script>?  But that should be completely doable, so
maybe that's not what you're saying?  Maybe it's that you want to pass the
value of the property, but enclosed in single quotes?  That should also be
completely doable.  I'm confused.



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