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From Daniel King <>
Subject MS Visual SourceSafe
Date Wed, 19 Jun 2002 22:03:03 GMT
To whom it may concern,

  I have noticed on this list a few people besides myself have had problems
with MS Visual SourceSafe 6.0.  I am having trouble with ANT checking out
labels with MS VIsual SourceSafe 6.0.  I am using ant version 1.4.1 and even
tried the latest nightly build which did not work either.  Here is the error
I am getting. 

     [echo] Check out files from Visual Source Safe to Source directory
[vsscheckout] $/OMMS:
[vsscheckout] $/OMMS/DOCS:
[vsscheckout] $/OMMS/DOCS/Design Spec:
[vsscheckout] $/OMMS/DOCS/Functional Spec:
[vsscheckout] System Functional Specifications - OMMS Base Software 3.2.03
1.0.doc is pinned to an older version.
[vsscheckout] Unpin this file or perform a rollback before attempting to
check it out.

I do not have the option of performing a rollback.  I also do not have this
file or any file pinned when I look at history and details.  I created a new
project in VSS.  I removed all the vss files from my working directory so
that only my code exists and no other foreign files.  I then added all the
files into my new project.  All the files tell me they are version 1.0.  I
then apply a label to the project and suddenly the files go from version 1.0
to 7.0.  Has anyone else noticed this?  As long as I don't use *LABEL* with
the VSS Checkout I have no trouble checking out everything.  However when I
use a *LABEL* or *VERSION* it tells me either no such version exists or that
files are pinned.  The VSS database I am using is local to my machine.  The
name of the project is OMMS.

Here is the ant code ...
      ssdir="D:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VSS\win32"


Daniel -=X=-

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