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From <>
Subject RE: Issue with JUnit, forking, & classloading?
Date Wed, 26 Jun 2002 13:57:54 GMT

I tried your suggestions and this is what I found...

> Your problem only happens when fork=false, so it is similar 
> but different.
> 1. try setting includeantruntime=true

Makes no difference, I still get the same exception in the XML 

> 2. can you switch to using xerces over crimson

This is the interesting thing, our application code under test requires 
the use of Crimson (or so it is coded as such, it's not my code!) and 
so Crimson is being loaded as the SAX parser.

I have xerces in Ant's path, but due to the j2ee.jar loading up Crimson 
the JVM classloader gets stuck, so I'm left having to run the tests in 
the forked JVM which doubles the time of the tests!

> There is some work on redoing <junit> more cleanly; IMO it 
> should not have
> to be that the formatter runs in the same JVM as the test 
> cases; they should
> be separate jvms talking to each other over RMI, which would 
> even let you run tests on a remote system.

Do you know where/if/when this work is happening?
How complex do you estimate the change to run all the found tests in 
the same forked JVM rather than one per test class?

If the change is not too hard, it might be something I could have a go 

Thanks for your quick reply.

Does anyone else want the JUnit tests to run in just one forked JVM, or 
I'm I looking at this from the wrong angle?


Andrew Beacock
Principal Software Engineer

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