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From Les Hughes <>
Subject RE: Usage of p4Tasks
Date Fri, 21 Jun 2002 09:30:42 GMT

The p4view is a perforce view not an ant fileset, so you need to use the
"..." wildcard notation not "**"

<p4sync view="//depot/myProject/1.1/BD/java/repository/..." />

As for spaces - yep I think this is a problem in the underlying way Ant
exec's external processes (or I'm not using the API correctly....) - raise
it as a bug in bugzilla and one of us will have a look.



P.S. Although I don't mind answering direct questions, can you keep you
mails to ant-user in future? That way it'll get inthe the mail archive and
others can benefit. Thanks.

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From: Frank, Stefan
To: ''
Sent: 6/21/02 10:05 AM
Subject: Usage of p4Tasks

Hi Leslie, 

i checked out the p4-Tasks and they (generally) work fine - thx for the
job. However I'm currently trying to check out files from the depot not
based on a label but whole directories, but I can't seem to get it work:
tried things like 
	<p4sync view="//depot/myProject/1.1/BD/java/repository/*" />

or 	<p4sync view="//SupplyOn/1.1/BD/java/repository/**" />

but i always get a "no such file(s)": Is there a way to sync whole
Also i have noticed that the sync fails if there are spaces in the
depot-name (again a "no such file(s)" is the result - this prevents me
doing things like reading all filenames from the workspace and then
p4sync with these names, which at least would sync the existing files.
Teaches us, not to use spaces in the depot, but is there a way around
I will take a look into the src, but I also appreciate any help... thx


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