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From Derek Dees <>
Subject RE: Problems with XSLT task
Date Tue, 11 Jun 2002 15:38:21 GMT
Stephane -

Thanks for the suggestion. That switching to Saxon (6.5.2 or 7.1) cleared 
this problem. I did see references to problems with Xalan that look similar 
on the DocBook e-list and it confirms that it seems to be a Xalan problem 
at this point.

At 05:04 2002-06-11, you wrote:

>mm... is there a full stacktrace when using -debug ?
>Considering the error, it seems to happen in Xalan.
> >From the top of my head I vaguely remember a couple of people having
>problems with sequential use which 'should' normally not happen as the
>transformer is reused (and is safe to reuse as mentioned in the API)
>If your transformation are not Xalan specific, could you try with Saxon ?
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