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From Eugene Voytitsky <>
Subject <pathconvert> in 1.5beta3
Date Wed, 26 Jun 2002 12:18:51 GMT
Hello dear Ant dev-team,

I discovered (after couple of hours :))
that behavior of <pathconvert>
had been changed in Ant1.5b3:

if `refid` refers to empty fileset (no matched files)
then property specified by `property` isn't set at all!

Before Ant1.5b3 property is set to empty string "".

Is it planned changing or side-effect of <pathconvert>

BTW right behavior in this case
isn't explicitly specified in docs,
but I guess that old behavior is more correct.
Isn't it?

PS. I were very surprised and sad
then my build scripts which work fine
with all last Ant night builds failed.

Is backward compatibility is guaranteed for Ant betas?

Best regards,
Eugene Voytitsky                

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