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From josh <>
Subject Re[2]: Failed to initialise MIME mail (newbie warning)
Date Sat, 29 Jun 2002 00:51:57 GMT
Friday, June 28, 2002, 4:16:15 PM, you wrote:

HHw> This is because the Email task is not setting the project variable of
HHw> the message correctly in Beta 2.  Beta 3 has this fixed.

HHw> ----- Original Message -----
HHw> From: "josh" <>

>> Hi!
>> I had to put my ant mime mail problem on hold a while back, but it
>> never got solved.  And it's still not.

Well, that's BETTER, anyway.  Same environment as before, but with

Instead of NullPointerExceptions, I now get this from ant:
  [mail]Failed to initialise MIME mail
  [mail]sending email: (my subject)
  [mail]sending email with 3 attachments

and I get this in my mailbox:

  [my message, plus]

I can see they're uuencoded, which is a good start, but my mail
client doesn't seem to recognize them as attachments.  So I'd have to
open up some sort of external uudecoder.  Sub-optimal.

Any ideas?  What's the deal with MIME failing to init?

- josh

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