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From Mike Murray <>
Subject Javadoc packageset (1.5b2)
Date Fri, 14 Jun 2002 16:03:32 GMT
I am puzzled with the list of packages that are being passed to the
Javadoc command when using the packageset definition below.  As the
snipped debug information shows, the set of packages does not match the
set of directories defined for the patternSet.  I can get it to work
properly by using the following fileset definition.  Any ideas why
packageset yields these results, and how to make it work?  I can live
the fileset, but it much slower.

Thanks, Mike

   <fileset dir="${srcdir}">
    <patternset refid="pkg.dir.pattern"/>
     <selector refid="java.selector"/>

   <packageset dir="${srcdir}">
    <patternset refid="pkg.dir.pattern"/>

  [javadoc] scanning R:\Windchill\src for packages.
dirset: Setup scanner in dir R:\Windchill\src with patternSet{ includes:
wt\util\depthLock\*, wt\util\graph\*, wt\util\range\*,
wt\util\uuid\*, wt\util\version\*, wt\introspection\*, wt\meta\*,
wt\services\ac\impl\*, wt\services\applicationcontext\*,
wt\services\applicationcontext\implementation\*, wt\dataservice\*]
excludes: [] }
  [javadoc] Generating Javadoc
fileset: Setup scanner in dir R:\Windchill\lib with patternSet{
includes: [xerces.jar, xalan.jar, JGL.jar] excludes: [] }
  [javadoc] Executing 'C:\program\jdk1.3\bin\javadoc.exe' with
  [javadoc] '-sourcepath'
  [javadoc] 'R:\Windchill\src'
  [javadoc] ''
  [javadoc] ''
  [javadoc] ''
  [javadoc] 'wt.util.depthLock'
  [javadoc] 'wt.util.graph'
  [javadoc] 'wt.util.range'
  [javadoc] 'wt.util.resource'
  [javadoc] 'wt.util.uuid'
  [javadoc] 'wt.util.version'
  [javadoc] 'wt.util.xml'
  [javadoc] The ' characters around the executable and arguments are not
part of the command.
  [javadoc] Javadoc execution
Execute:Java13CommandLauncher: Executing
'C:\program\jdk1.3\bin\javadoc.exe' with arguments:

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