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From "Truesdale, Jay" <>
Subject RE: Problem Checking File Back into Clear Case
Date Mon, 17 Jun 2002 13:26:52 GMT
All of the Clear Case permissions look OK to me. I can check the file out
from Ant and modify it from Ant and then stop the script there. I then can
manually check the file back in from Clear Case explorer and things are
fine. I can also take the command as generated by Ant in debug mode and
paste it to the command line and the file is checked in just fine. A delay
before attempting to check the file back in makes no difference.

I came up with the following work around (all done by Ant):
Check the file out.
copy the file from the Clear Case drive to a local hard drive.
Modify the file on the local hard drive with the propertyfile task.
Copy the file from the local hard drive back to the Clear Case mapped drive.
Check the file back into Clear Case.

This seems to be working fine but I don't know why it works.

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From: Eddie Bernard []
Sent: Friday, June 14, 2002 4:26 PM
To: 'Ant Users List'
Subject: RE: Problem Checking File Back into ClearCase

There's a good chance that the process that is performing the checkout does
not have write permissions to the file which would cause the "Checkout, but
removed" condition.

I believe there's a built-in property for Ant called "ant.user".  Find out
if it's a valid user (preferably the user that invoked the Ant build).  If
it's a valid user the next question would be does the user have the right
access permissions?  Can you check-in the offending file from this view
outside of Ant without issue? Is the VOB the user is trying to check-in
allow its group?

<off-topic from here>
If my assumptions are correct here you can try the following:

* Use the creds utility located in %ATRIA_HOME%\etc\utils to determine the
user's group permissions
* Just to make sure, check the VOB's permissions "cleartool desc -l vob:<vob
* Check to make sure that the view storage directory has the right
permissions set.  You can do this by getting the "Properties of View".

If it's truly a ClearCase problem you can post something to the CCIUG or I
might be able to help you out.


-----Original Message-----
From: Truesdale, Jay []
Sent: Friday, June 14, 2002 2:07 PM
To: Ant Users List (E-mail)
Subject: Problem Checking File Back into ClearCase

Running Ant 1.4.1 on NT 4 sp 6.

Build.xml files checks property file out of ClearCase and updates the file
just fine. We verified this by commenting out the Ant ClearCase checkin

Partial build.xml:



      <!-- format the current date & time -->
         <format property="time.start" pattern="HH:mm:ss EEE MMMM d, yyyy"/>

      <!-- increment the build number in the -->
      <propertyfile file="${tmp_dir_version_file}\">
         <entry key="" type="string" value="${time.start}"/>
         <entry key="build.number" type="int" operation="+"

       <!-- ClearCase checkin for the file -->
             comment="Updating version number for latest build"


Ant -debug does not tell us anything we don't already know.

The error we get is this:


D:\Work\buildEurVeh>ant -buildfile newbuild.xml init.compile
Buildfile: newbuild.xml

[cccheckout] Checked out "Z:\vaacode_vob\EuroVeh\build\"
from version "\main\euroveh_1.0.0_int\euroveh_1.0.0_dev\6".
[propertyfile] Updating property file:
[cccheckin] Access is denied.
[cccheckin] cleartool: Error: Unable to access
"Z:\vaacode_vob\EuroVeh\build\": Permission denied.
[cccheckin] cleartool: Error: Unable to check in


D:\Work\buildEurVeh\newbuild.xml:119: Failed executing: cleartool checkin -c
"Updating version number for latest build"

Total time: 47 seconds


The status of the file in ClearCase after this completes is "Checked out but

I'm baffled. I've checked Google and the list archive with no luck finding
anything similar. Anyone else seen this problem??

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