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From Mark Smith <>
Subject finally! cygwin and 1.5b1 and 1.5b2 happy with ctrl-c!!
Date Thu, 20 Jun 2002 15:38:33 GMT
I know cygwin has a bug with ctrl-c
but I used to have a problem the following combo:

- Ant 1.4.1, cygwin and jdk 1.4

With this combo, if I hit ctrl-c to break out of a
<java> task I started with ant where fork=true, the
task would not be properly killed.  It would appear
killed on my cygwin prompt but I'd have to manually
kill it via the Task Manager.  I assume this happened
because cygwin didn't properly kill child processes
from a parent process that spawned them.

This was not a problem with jdk 1.3, but was a pain
since my project requires jdk 1.4.

I'm happy to say that 1.5b1 and 1.5b2 do not have this
problem.  I don't know if it's somehting fluky with
cygwin that happens to make this work, if it was
intentional by Ant developers or whatever, but I'm
very happy!


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