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From "Shaw, Chris" <>
Subject RE: xslt task fatal error
Date Mon, 17 Jun 2002 11:45:57 GMT
> ..I'm sorry but I still don't quite follow. Do you mean that 
> I can/should
> still use the 'style' attribute within the xslt task?
> (because all of my xslt tasks use the same xml input but 
> **different** xslt
> files)
> If so, how could I stop seeing the 'deprecated error' ?

in pseudo code this gives:

xslfile = Files.resolveFile(project.getBaseDir(), xslfile)
// if the file does not exists it might be because it
// is set relative to the 'basedir' attribute...
if ( !xslfile.exists() ) {
   xslfile = Files.resolveFile(basedir, xslfile)
   // yes it does...warn the user it's not supported anymore.
   if (xslfile.exists()){
      log("WARNING the way to specify the xslfile is invalid");

So, your xslfile should not be relative from the basedir specified in the
<style> element.

..ok, I see now (so simple!). I just never thought that the "if (
!xslfile.exists() )"  statement would exist, but I guess that's what
deprecation is all about! :-)
Thanks for the clear explanation.

Now I only have 1 problem left.....these fatal errors:
  [xslt] ....../ejb.xsl:123: Fatal Error! Unknown error in XPath Cause:
At this line is the statement:

Damn annoying since they aren't happening consistently...


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