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From josh <>
Subject Re[4]: Failed to initialise MIME mail (newbie warning)
Date Wed, 19 Jun 2002 23:57:45 GMT
Wednesday, June 19, 2002, 4:40:20 PM, you wrote:

DH> --- josh <> wrote:
>>   C:\src\nv\main\nv\scripts>echo %CLASSPATH%

DH> Just FYI: You don't need to set an env var -- the 'ant' script picks up
DH> everything in ANT_HOME/lib and adds it to the classpath it uses when it
DH> runs 'java'.

Good tip - thanks!

>> I'd be a lot happier if it was just a little bit more verbose. =/

DH> That was actually going to be my next suggestion -- trying running 'ant'
DH> with the -verbose flag. If that doesn't give enough info, try upping it to
DH> the -debug flag.

-verbose isn't, and the -debug flag got me this:

 Apache Ant version 1.5Beta2 compiled on June 17 2002
 Buildfile: build.xml
 Detected Java version: 1.4 in: c:\jdk\1.4.0\jre
 Detected OS: Windows 2000
 [massive snip]
 +User task: mail
 +User task: mimemail
 +Target: application
   +Task: mkdir
   +Task: mail
 Build sequence for target `application' is [application]
 Complete build sequence is [application]

     [mail] Failed to initialise MIME mail
     [mail] Using UU mail
     [mail] Sending email: build results
     [mail] From
     [mail] To []
     [mail] Cc []
     [mail] Bcc []
     [mail] Failed to send email


There are people using the mail task, right?  It's not some squirrelly
feature no one ever uses, I'd imagine.  I can't figure out what I'm
doing wrong.

- josh

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