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Subject Help on deploy J2EE using Ant
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2002 23:25:24 GMT
Dear All,
     I am currently working on deploy a J2EE application using ant. Since I am using CMP of
entity bean, I need to first generate SQL statements, and then deploy, so I write some xml
statements in build.xml like this :
    <target name="deploy" depends="setup">
        <exec executable="${env.J2EE_HOME}/bin/deploytool" vmlauncher="false">
            <arg value="-generateSQL" />
            <arg value="${build.ear}/${appname}.ear" />
            <arg value="localhost" />
            <arg value="-noOverWrite" />
    <exec executable="${env.J2EE_HOME}/bin/deploytool" vmlauncher="false">
            <arg value="-deploy" />
            <arg value="${build.ear}/${appname}.ear" />
            <arg value="localhost" />
            <arg value="${build.ear}/cmpClient.jar" /> 

Well, first question is I am not quite sure if I sit on the correct track, if the above code
will work or not, second question is I run this build.xml using ant, and when I went to the
deploy target, it came out an exception like this :
     [exec] Incorrect Manifest format
     [exec]     at com.sun.enterprise.deployment.ApplicationClientArchivist.getMainClassNameFrom(
     [exec]     at
     [exec]     at
     [exec]     at
     [exec]     at
     [exec]     at
     [exec]     at
     [exec] Result: 2
     [exec] Deploy the application in /home/nj138463/j2ee-test/src/test/src/com/sun/ejte/build/cmp20App.ear
on the server localhost saving the client jar as /home/nj138463/j2ee-test/src/test/src/com/sun/ejte/build/cmpClient.jar
     [exec] Sender object Deploy Tool : Deploy cmp20App on localhost
     [exec] Remote message: Contacted Server....
     [exec] Remote message: Application cmp20App transferred.
     [exec] Sender object Deploytool (Main) : RemoteException occurred in server thread; nested
exception is: 
     [exec]     java.rmi.RemoteException: Error saving/opening
     [exec] Result: 1

This situation really gave me a hard time during recent days. Please help me on it in any
case if you have any idea of it. Thanks a lot in advance.



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