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Subject Re: Help on deploy using Ant
Date Thu, 06 Jun 2002 01:50:24 GMT
Thanks a lot, Conor !
Yes, actually I called deploytool within build.xml, some code like this:
   <target name="deploy" depends="setup">
   <exec executable="${env.J2EE_HOME}/bin/deploytool"  vmlauncher="false">
           <arg value="-generateSQL" />
           <arg value="${build.ear}/${appname}.ear" />
           <arg value="localhost" />
           <arg value="-noOverWrite" />
   <exec executable="${env.J2EE_HOME}/bin/deploytool" vmlauncher="false">
           <arg value="-deploy" />
           <arg value="${build.ear}/${appname}.ear" />
           <arg value="localhost" />
           <arg value="${build.ear}/cmpClient.jar" /> 
Since I use cmp, which needs to generate SQL statements for it, so I use two exec in this
deploy target. Is that correct way to do ?
Currently I really don't know what I should put in this target, with demand to first generate
sql, and then deploy. Please let me know if available in any way. Thanks a lot.

Nan wrote:
> Dear All,
>      Here comes my another question, sorry to both you all since I am really a new one
to ant:
>       I use Ant to deploy my J2EE application, then during the execution of deploy target,
it comes out :
> deploy:
>      [exec] in app-client  Node, do not know how to handle module-name = ejb-jar-ic.jar
>      [exec] in app-client  Node, do not know how to handle unique-id = 0
>      [exec] in app-client  Node, do not know how to handle ejb-name = ProductBean


These errors are coming from what ever it is you are <exec>ing and not 
from within Ant. I presume this is deploy-tool. You should investigate 
why deploy-tool is giving these exceptions first. Once you know that 
you'll be able to decide if the root cause is something Ant has done or 
whether you are not feeding deploy-tool the right food.


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