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From Eugene Voytitsky <>
Subject <javac>
Date Tue, 04 Jun 2002 10:30:03 GMT
Hello All,

Is it possible to tune <javac srcdir="${src_dir}"> task such that:
* in case of build.compiler==(classic||modern)
  Ant WON'T pass compilation argument
  '-sourcepath ${src_dir}' to javac.exe
* in case of build.compiler==jikes
  Ant WON'T append '${src_dir}' to -classpath


All source files of my project reside in one place
($HOME/<project_name>/code/). But project contains
multiple modules (module contains one or more packages).
Each of modules is released/deployed/etc
separately but there are dependencies between some modules.

Suppose situation:
1. module A has released version 1.0.0 (A_1.0.0.jar),
and source files of module A modified
since version 1.0.0 had been released, moreover
current working (in development) version of A
not compatible with version 1.0.0
2. module B depends on module A and requires version 1.0.0
so A_1.0.0.jar in classpath of Ant <javac> task compiling B
(of course I specified to compile src of B only)

BUT because of both module A and B have same ${src_dir}
javac.exe/jikes.exe consider that
*.java of A is newest than *.class in A_1.0.0.jar
and recompile all necessary *.java of A!!!
But compiling of module B failed because it isn't compatible
with current working version of A.

Any suggestions
(except of 'cvs co' or 'copy' module B to temp dir)

I experimented with command line generated by Ant directly
in cmd.exe and found that if my question above is answerable
(with positive answer) then my problem is solvable. :)

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
Eugene Voytitsky                

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