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From Jesse Stockall <>
Subject Fail task's if and unless do not seem to work like other tasks
Date Thu, 20 Jun 2002 19:21:43 GMT

I'm using ant 1.5 beta 2 with 1.3.1 on Linux and Win2000

Here is the build snipit

<target name="available" depends="tdefs, properties">
    <condition property="PCSC">
        <available classname="com.cryptocard.jpcsc.Card">
     	    <classpath location="${classes}"/>
	message="com.cryptocard.jpcsc.PCSC must be compiled first"

This is the debug output

Finding class com.cryptocard.jpcsc.Card
Class java.lang.Object loaded from parent loader
Class com.cryptocard.jpcsc.Card loaded from ant loader
Class java.lang.Throwable loaded from parent loader
Class java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException loaded from parent loader
Finding class com.cryptocard.jpcsc.PCSCException
Class java.lang.RuntimeException loaded from parent loader
Class com.cryptocard.jpcsc.PCSCException loaded from ant loader
Class java.lang.NullPointerException loaded from parent loader
Condition true; setting PCSC to true
Setting project property: PCSC -> true

com.cryptocard.jpcsc.PCSC must be compiled first

The property is set but the Fail task is being run.

I also tried Stephan's Gump build from today with the same results.


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