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Subject JAVA_HOME path problem in linux
Date Wed, 12 Jun 2002 12:15:45 GMT
Thanx for that, but I 've tried it and didn't work

If I put JAVA_HOME=/usr/bin I get the error message
cannot execute or load usr/bin/bin

If I put JAVA_HOME=/usr I get the error message
couldn't find or load essential class java/lang/Object

set JAVA_HOME=/usr/bin and not /usr/bin/java
Kapil Singh Pawar
Consultant - Integration
i2 Technologies India Private Ltd.
1 Primrose Road
Bangalore 560 025, INDIA
Tel: +91 80 558 1487-90 ext. 2416

Rigas Parathyras <>
06/12/02 05:29 PM
Please respond to "Ant Users List"

        Subject:        please help JAVA_HOME problem in path (mandrake) linux

hello there
I was wondering if someone could help me with ant installation. It's
about the JAVA_HOME path. I am
using linux, Mandrake and I cannot find the path where java is
installed. Whenever I type ant, I get the error message:
ERROR: JAVA_HOME is not defined correctly.

The thing is I installed java from the cdrom of mandrake originally and
not seperately and now I cannot find it.

If I type whereis java I get the directories:
/usr/bin/java   /usr/include/java
The first one just has the java command and the second the libraries (If
I put the second as JAVA_HOME it gives me the error message that it
cannot find the class Object.

I would be so greatful if you could help me in this
Best regards

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