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From Stefan Kost <>
Subject Re: xsl script to generate graphical representation of build.xml
Date Mon, 10 Jun 2002 07:50:01 GMT
Hi again,

this version incorporates the changes from Erik and Nascif.
It further highlights callable targets (bold borders).
I am not sure if this enhances the look. The hightlighting could be done
via color as well (e.g. blue link links in a html page).
What do you think? I can even move those things to top of the file as
xsl:variable, so it could finally move outside to a separate xsl file
which one could easilly adapt.

> hi,
> attached you find a xsl script, which generates a .dot out of a
> build.xml file. The dot file can be rendered using the dot command (from
> the graphviz package, see to lots of formats
> like ps or png.
> Minimal instructions are in the xsl file.


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