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From "Steve Loughran" <>
Subject Re: Deployment/Development Question..
Date Fri, 07 Jun 2002 20:55:43 GMT

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Sent: Friday, June 07, 2002 12:02 PM
Subject: Deployment/Development Question..

> Please forgive me for the beginner question.   I am starting a new project
> will have a Web app(Struts) and EJB's.  I have read many "Best practices"
> this list but I still have  a couple (probably obvious) questions.
> I am also working through "Java Tools for Extreme Programming".  I like
> book but the am unclear on some basic development Issues.

Aah, deployment is a fun problemo. [gratuitous product placement] Erik and I
dedicate two chapters to it, and we could go for a whole book just on the
subject, I think.

> 1 - I understand the basic process of setting up a usable working
directory that
> will allow Ant to deploy to test/production environments.
> but how does CVS or VisualSourceSafe fit in to the automated process?
> can it be that ant will:
> Create and/or update the working directory - THEN proceed to build the
> to the target machine?

you can have two build files; one to update the CVS tree, then another to do
a clean build. Split them so that the update can update the build file too.

> 2 - Ant build's during the coding process:
>      I think I would NOT want Ant to do a complete rebuild each time I
> small code change to JSP or class.

yup. unless you use <jspc> ant doesnt compile jsp pages anyway.

>      So I think this is how I would like it work.
>      There would be a separate Ant script (besides the build/deploy ) that
> perform a checkout directly to the developers machine and assemble
>      a "development" web app structure that would allow the developer to
> project from the local machine.

I have a deploy target that takes the WAR file the developers create and
stick it on local/remote servers. Every build does a redeploy, no in-situ
editing of JSP pages is allowed, <jspc> pre-validates the pages anwyay.

>      ** I guess this is where Forte4J/Netbeans  Ant support would come in
> where the developer code run this from the IDE

look also at jEdit, IDEA, etc. IDEA is the best java IDE I have come across,
but I tend to run jedit and idea side by side for different things.

> 3 - I see that VisualSourceSafe is supported by an ant task.    Are there
> issues with it?

yeah, VSS is inadequate :(

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