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From "Kendall Collett" <>
Subject does <apply> do the xargs thing?
Date Fri, 21 Jun 2002 21:57:05 GMT
I have the following <apply> target:

  <target name="etags2" depends="etags.clean">
    <apply executable="etags" dir="${source.dir}"
           relative="true" parallel="true">
      <arg value="-a"/>
      <arg value="-o"/>
      <arg file="${etags.filename}"/>
      <fileset dir="${source.dir}"

When I try to run this against all the .java files in our source base, I get
this error:

    [apply] c: No such file or directory

Through experimentation, I've found that if I change the "includes"
specification so that fewer .java files are matched, then the target

This makes me suspect that the implementation of <apply> isn't doing the
xargs thing where the system limits on number of command arguments etc. is
taken into account.  (Is there even a way to do this portably w/in Java?)


PS: I can work around the issue by changing "parallel" to false, but I was
kind of hoping for a fast solution that doesn't rely on an <exec> with the
equivalent "find | xargs" command.

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