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From "Hal Hildebrand \(web\)" <>
Subject Re: Ant 1.5Beta3 Released
Date Tue, 25 Jun 2002 04:59:08 GMT
Why can't it just be MSG_VERBOSE instead of MSG_WARN?  Seems more
reasonable to me....  <g>

Seriously, though, these are built jars and we keep these things under
platform (just my source control anal retentiveness).  Some of them,
used by the installation image, are built during previous parts of the
build, and thus even if they were placed under ant/lib, they wouldn't be
pulled in - as that only happens in the shell invocation script, not in
recursive "ant" invocations.  Tasks in projects down the build
invocation tree use them after they've been built by previous steps.  So
this is a seemingly impossible condition to meet.  Basically, tasks we
use in the installation and end product are built by the build, and as
part of the build, are used for installation tasks.  I would have to use
"exec" to exec out and run ant again from the shell invocation script if
I wanted to avoid these problems.   Seems like an awful lot of
machination, and is incredibly ugly if nothing else...  Really messes up
the build listener and log, among other "side effects"...

Just my opinion, but I think piling everything into ant/lib isn't really
a good solution in any event because it kind of makes it into an unkempt
mess after a while.

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From: "Diane Holt" <>

> --- "Hal Hildebrand (web)" <> wrote:
> > In the example where I get the messages, it is where tasks are
> > via the form
> >
> >    <taskdef resource="test/" >
> >         <classpath>
> >             <pathelement location="test.jar"/>
> >         </classpath>
> >     </taskdef>
> A-ha -- okay, that's what I didn't have. It only happens if the
> elements are new ones -- iow, if test.jar lived in ANT_HOME/lib, you
> wouldn't get them, since they'd be included in the classpath that Ant
> with. Or you can set the CLASSPATH env var to include test.jar prior
> running 'ant', since it's also included in the classpath that Ant runs
> with. Are either of those options workable workarounds? I would think
> first one could be, since it seems reasonable to put a jar file of Ant
> tasks into ANT_HOME/lib (and, unlike the second option, you don't have
> worry about dealing with environment stuff).
> Diane
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