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From "Adam Jack" <>
Subject JAR/FTP only if <javac> (or <depend>) did anything
Date Thu, 20 Jun 2002 18:44:40 GMT
I have my ANT script compiling, JARing, and FTPing. Unfortunately I can't
seem to find a way to link the latter two to "only if a compile occurred".

I see that FTP will only upload if the timestamps indicate a need, so if I
could "only re-JAR if needed" I think I'd be in good shape. Unfortunately I
see that JAR will allow create a JAR file only if it does not exist, or one
can force an update, but I can't see how to "update only if one the contents
indicate a need". Is there a way?

Alternatively [and what seems ant-like, but I am no expert] I could use
<task "jarEmAllUp" if="" --- if I could set a property with number of
compiled files -- or if compile --- with <javac> or if I could do similarly
or <depend>. Does any such thing exist?

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


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