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From "Kyle Adams" <>
Subject Re: MDB, Ant 1.4.1, and <ejbjar>
Date Thu, 09 May 2002 21:20:16 GMT
> Why not just try Ant 1.5Beta1 on a development box with a local build and
> see how it fares with your build?

That's no problem, and likely to happen in conjunction with patching Ant 

> If there are problems, then you can report back to us and we might be able 
> to have it fixed for Beta 2, but there haven't been many show stopper issues.... 

It's the open source way :-)

> I hope everyone realizes that the CVS HEAD version of Ant is used to build
> tons of Sourceforge and Jakarta projects (and probably from other sources
> too) at least once or twice a day using Gump -
> - so Ant stays "stable" for the most part.

I think that was in the back of my head somewhere, but it was good to be 
reminded of it.  The main issue I'm concerned about is how I'll explain to 
management why we're using beta software to build mission critical apps.  In
other words, how to cover my rear :-) 

> I don't know what would be involved - it wasn't a big change needed to get
> MDB's supported - it just needed to check for that XML element like it does
> the others.

Sweet - I'll probably make the patch available for others in my situation.

Thanks for the help,

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