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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: search-path and drive-letter colons - can Ant handle one-letter d irectory names?
Date Wed, 08 May 2002 16:04:05 GMT
On Wed, 8 May 2002, Daniel Barclay <> wrote:

> Does Ant treat "c:/y" as a two-element search path consisting of 
> "c" and "/y",

On Unix, yes.

> or is it one-element search path referring to "C:\y"?

On DOS based platforms, yes.

> - If "c:/y" is interpreted as a one-element search path, what string
> do I use if I want "c" and "/y"?


> - What if you have "${prop1}:${prop2}" deep inside a build file and 
>   you don't know that later prop1 might be set to "c" and "prop2" to
>   "/y"?

Don't use this construct but separate <pathelement>s for prop1 and
prop2.  Use a semicolon as path separator.

> - Does Ant assume that a single letter followed by a colon is a
> drive letter specification and not a single-letter pathname followed
> by a separating colon?

See above.

> - Does it depend on whether the drive letter is valid on the given
>   system when Ant runs?


> - Does is depend on the operating system?


> - Is there any mechanism for forcing interpretation as separate
> search path elements?  (Always using semi-colons seems to be the
> answer.)

Should work, but we generally recommend to use separate pathelements.


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