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Subject Q: JUnit task writing text to log twice
Date Wed, 08 May 2002 15:03:26 GMT

I am running Ant 1.4.1 under CruiseControl 1.2.1a on Red Hat Linux 7.

My build consists of running two test suites using the JUnit and
JUnitReport tasks. The test suites are not small (750 tests and 500 tests).
When writing the test logs in XML format, the JUnit task (I assume it's the
JUnit task) writes a handful of characters twice near the end the log.
Included in this message is an example.

=============== BEGIN OUTPUT ================
[>1000 lines omitted...]
  <testcase name="testConstructor_TruncateFractionsOfACent" time
  <testcase name="testStringValue" time="0"></testcase>
  <testcase name="testCreateFromString" time="0.002"></testcase>
  <testcase name="testAddCheckboxParameterToRequest" time
  <testcase name="testGetCheckboxParameterFromRequest" time
equest" time="0.001"></testcase>
</testsuite><label>EcpJava-2</label><today>May 1 2002</today></build>
================= END OUTPUT ================

Notice that the last 47 (if I counted correctly) characters of the end of
the "testsuite" node are written twice before writing the "label" and
"today" nodes. This happens in a number of log files, but not always; it is
not always 47 characters.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide by build file at this time -- I'd have to
try to recreate the problem without proprietary information in the build
file. Still, in case this is a well-known problem, perhaps someone can
suggest a solution. All I've been able to do in the meantime is fix up the
log by hand so that BuildServlet can perform the XSL transformation without
problems and I can display the build results for our team.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
J. B. (Joe) Rainsberger
President, Diaspar Software Services Inc.
Developer, ECP

telephone: 416 438-6320 x2551

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