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From "Maciej Zawadzki" <>
Subject RE: Problems with deploying to Tomcat
Date Tue, 14 May 2002 15:03:10 GMT
Is there some reason why you are not including your lib jars directly in the
war file?  Normally, you do not need to create the webapps/cams/WEB-INF/lib
directory because you can put your lib jars right into the war file.  Take a
look at the documentation for the war task.

If you are not including your lib jars in the war file because of their
size, and they are stable (do not change often), then you can place them in
standard location on your machine and modify your system classpath (and/or
Tomcat classpath) to include them.

Hope this helps,


> I use ant to war them into say, cams.war into
> tomcat/webapps  Now, if the cams directory is already
> present in webapps, tomcat does not redeploy cams when
> i restart. So i need to delete webapps/cams using ant
> and everything is fine till now.
> I need to create a lib directory in WEB-INF like
> webapps/cams/WEB-INF/lib to contain certain jars. If I
> use ant to create this structure before I startup
> tomcat, tomcat does not deploy my cams.war since cams
> directory is already present (ant created it to copy
> jars)..

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