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From "Sameer Singh" <>
Subject Using properties in depends attribute?
Date Mon, 27 May 2002 20:12:34 GMT

I can't seem to set the depends attribute of a Target using a property.

It would be great to do something like

<target name="test" depends="${}"/>

and then set the property to whatever target you like.


I did manage to get around this however, as follows:


<condition property="run.test-one">
	       <istrue value="${junit.present}" />
	       <istrue value="${}" />
    <condition property="run.test-main">
	       <istrue value="${junit.present}" />
	       <isfalse value="${}" />

<target name="test-main" if="run.test-main"/>
<target name="test-one" if="run.test-one">
<target name="test" depends="test-main,test-one"/>


seems like a "kludge" though. Maybe this can classify as a feature



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