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From Alexey Solofnenko <>
Subject <import> would be nice
Date Fri, 24 May 2002 23:36:37 GMT

  it is well known that recursive builds at least make build slower, but
they also lead to incomplete dependency trees. But the main problem with
recursive builds is parallel execution of targets. It is inherently very
difficult (?impossible?) to efficiently use parallel build in recursive
process, because not all dependencies are specified in all build files. I am
thinking that something like <import buildfile="dir/build.xml" base="dir"
prefix="subcomponent1"/> would help a lot. <import> would allow to specify
inter-component dependencies inside each component build file without
causing ANT to repeatedly execute subcomponent builds. It would also allow
to specify recursive inter-component dependencies (not recursive target
dependencies). What do you think?

  Alexey Solofnenko.

Here is an example:

  <import buildfile="dir/build.xml" base="dir" prefix="subcomponent1"/>
  <property name="prop1" value="${subcomponent1.prop1}"/>
  <target name="all-rec" depends="all,subcomponent1.all"/>
  <target name="all" depends="classes,jars"/>
  <target name="jars" depends="classes,subcomponent1.classes"/>

{   } Alexey N. Solofnenko
{ } Inventigo LLC
Pleasant Hill, CA (GMT-8 usually)

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