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From "Jay Eskandarian" <>
Subject FTP - Could not date test remote file - Transfers all
Date Wed, 08 May 2002 14:43:37 GMT
ant	1.4
jdk	1.4
os:	win2k
ftpserver:	microsoft ftp service (Version 5.0)

When using ftp to transfer a webapp, ant always transfers all files regardless of datestamp.

To diagnose, I run ant with -verbose option and the message the ftp task returns for each
file is:
"Could not date test remote file: controller.jspassuming out of date." So it is obvious what
the problem is but does anyone have a possible solution??

Here is the ftp task I'm using. 
I tried it with and without the passive option. I also removed the userID/password for obvious

        <ftp server="" userid="XXXX" password="XXXXX"
                depends="yes" remotedir="\test"
                passive="yes" verbose="yes">
            <fileset dir="${webapp.dir}">
                <include name="**\*.*"/>
                <exclude name="**\*.log"/>
                <exclude name="WEB-INF\work\**\*.*"/>
                <exclude name="**\*.war"/>
                <exclude name="**\*.*~"/>
                <exclude name="**\*.bak"/>
                <exclude name="**\package cache\*.*"/>
                <exclude name="**\*.jar"/>
- Jay Eskandarian 

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