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From Daniel Barclay <>
Subject RE: How do I specify multiple Windows directories in one <propert y name> statement?
Date Mon, 06 May 2002 13:43:12 GMT

>   <property name="some.path" value="C:/xyz/dir1:C:/xyz/dir2"/>
>   <path id="whatever">
>     <pathelement path="${some.path}"/>
>   </path>
>   <property name="whatever" refid="whatever"/>
>   <target name="echoit">
>     <echo>whatever = ${whatever}</echo>
>   </target>
> $ ant -f echoit
> echoit:
>      [echo] whatever = C:\xyz\dir1;C:\xyz\dir2
> Note that the foreslashes are now backslashes and the path 
> separator is
> now a semicolon.

Oh, okay.  I didn't realize Ant could distinguish things in that 

What are the rules for deciding when a colon is a search path 
entry delimiter vs. when its part of a partname within a search
path entry?

Is it possible to write a search path consisting of the relative 
pathname "C" (e.g., a subdirectory named "C"), the relative pathname 
"\xyz\dir1", the relative pathname "D", and then the relative pathname 


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