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From Scott Ellsworth <>
Subject Re: Borland Jbuilder finally adds ant support (at a price)
Date Tue, 21 May 2002 01:33:25 GMT

On-topic part - I do so wish Borland would drop the JBuilder price to 
something closer to what the product is worth - it would make budget 
time a lot less painful for our IDE using crowd.

On Monday, May 20, 2002, at 05:53  PM, Paul Cody wrote:

> Not trying to start a flamewar, but I cannot imagine _why_ people 
> decide to buy that [junk].  If I were to ever become the manager type, 
> everyone in my shop learns emacs or they hit the highway (or vi, 
> provided they can keep up).  The month or so of lost productivity would 
> repay itself many times over, and woororold would live in peace.

Hmmm.  We actually have the opposite experience.  We let everyone use 
the tools that make them the most comfortable and productive, and try to 
make sure that the underlying ANT build system can build the result.  As 
a result, people work as they work best, but they produce code that 
everyone else can live with.

Thus, people who mistype method names can wax rhapsodic about jbuilder 
and eclipse, people who like ProjectBuilder can run it happily enough, 
and the bbedit and ant crowd still get work done.

The one icky bit - I would really like to generate the project files 
used by all of these IDEs as part of our automated build process, or at 
least on checkout, but that has not been as easy as I would like.

I believe that not all programmers are the same, and thus it is not 
going to help trying to hammer them all into the same mold.  Good 
standards on the finished product mean that we get the best of breed, 
not the lowest common denominator.  (We do not let people use GUI 
builders at the moment, though if the new XML serialization of Swing 
guis works well, we may change even that.)


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