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From Alan Moore <>
Subject Jar task w/zipgroupFileset is much too noisy
Date Thu, 16 May 2002 12:33:43 GMT
I'm using the Jar task with a nested zipgroupFileset element
to merge several library jars into into my application's jar
file.  Since I'm using my own manifest, I'm letting the
"filesetManifest" attribute default to "skip" (this is not for
distribution).  For every jar that gets merged in, I get a
ferocious and long-winded warning that its manifest is being
skipped, and instructions on how to prevent that.  I really
don't think this is an appropriate reaction to the successful
completion of a task, do you?  I would suggest that it log a
message like "Skipping manifest from file foo.jar" at a level
of MSG_VERBOSE instead of MSG_WARN.  It is the default option,
after all :)

BTW, I want to thank the developers for all the improvements
they've made to the Jar task.  I gave up on JLink long ago--
this is what it should have been!


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