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From Alan Yu Feng <>
Subject Ant telnet task problem on Redhat 7.1
Date Thu, 16 May 2002 21:01:05 GMT
I searched the mailing list and seems that I am the only one having this
problem. Anyway, here it is:

When I use the ant (v1.4) telnet task to telnet a linux server (Redhat 7.1),
if the command line is too long (> about 70 characters), it will be
truncated into the next line when it is echoed back in the input stream. The
direct result of it is the <read> returns immediately without waiting for
the command to finish execution. In the output, it shows that the telnet
task identifies itself as of terminal type of "network", which the linux
server doesn't know how to handle. Does someone have similar experience and
how did you solve it?

The work around I did was use "\" to manually break long command into
several lines. But it looks really messy in terms readability.

And the same script worked fine with Solaris server executed by ant version.

Any input is appreciated, thanks!

Yu (Alan) Feng
Software Engineer

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